Fireman Sam visits…..

We had some smokey fun last weekend.  Time to “burn off” – the old dead grass needs to be burnt so that the new fresh green shoots can come through, making it much sweeter and more appealing eating for the cattle.  So, off we go with the fire-lighter, water tank, shovels and a couple of garden water sprayers (just in case we needed them).

All was going well…. we had arrived and set up the water sprayer at the ready.  Then out came the fire-lighter and our afternoon went downhill quickly.  The old dead grass was certainly prime for the burning!  Off it went and it was a little bit more than three of us could handle comfortably – trying to keep the fire back from the fencelines and not jumping into the neighbour’s paddock.  A call to the rural fire brigade was made and they arrived in their big yellow truck – like a knight on a big white horse – to our rescue.

The Rural Fire Brigade is equipped with full water tanks and are the lifesavers of the bush in fire season.

The Rural Fire Brigade working their magic


2 thoughts on “Fireman Sam visits…..

  1. Hi there. would you be open to providing the fireman sam image for use in a community magazine? I would need it to be print quality. Full credit given. Thanks, Lisa

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