Let’s Stick Together

We are struggling. Every single one of us. I’m talking about everyone of us in business.

It’s time we took a good long hard look at ourselves and what we can collectively do to make a difference.

We are all in this together. None of us are enemies. So let’s stop trying to pull other businesses down – lets work at this and fix it TOGETHER!

We all need to work together as a community.

As we see businesses close down around us, we all feel a loss. Our town suffers a loss. Services are lost. This is not the direction we want our town to head.

We need to lead by example – starting now!

As business owners we should be supporting each other. Every purchase we make should be from a business in town to keep our money here and circulating. If we all did that, it would make each and every business stronger and keep our own economy driving as hard as it possibly can in this tough time.

One of the positives of living in a town like Gayndah is that we personally know each and every business owner. But it can have a negative effect too. We know their personal traits, their personality glitches and it is so easy to pick fault or find a reason not to deal there. Well, it’s time we all grew up and realised that we are all family – the family of business owners who service Gayndah and it’s residents.

As each business dies from lack of support, we have all lost a piece of our business.

Can your business afford to lose any more trade?

Of course not!

So, take time to think about that Internet purchase and before you click “pay”, think how you would like it if the business owner next door to you was (at that same time) about to click “pay” on an item you have in store.

Yes, there are items that can be purchased “elsewhere” cheaper, but when we need something urgently, we race to the main street. What if that business has closed? What does that do to each and every business in town? Nothing good.

We need every resident in Gayndah to support businesses in town – so every business owner needs to set an example and proudly say “I buy everything locally” and stop “bagging” other businesses. Give a plug for another business in town. Tell each of your customers something positive about other businesses in town.

Promote your business by promoting every business in town.

Times are tough – never been tougher. There has never been a time like this for us all to sit up and pay attention to what’s happening in town.

Ok, so the guy who works at the hardware is not on your Christmas list, the girl who works in the chemist talks too much, the guy at the haberdashery store is taller than you (these are made up examples, not to be taken as fact) but you have to realise that every purchase made in these businesses could be a reciprocal purchase made in yours. Surely this is a clear picture of what we have to do?

It’s been said before and we have heard the tired old phrase but never before has it been more important for each and every one of us (starting with the business owners) to SHOP LOCALLY!


One thought on “Let’s Stick Together

  1. Although I’m no longer a Gayndahite (my heart is still there though after all these years), you are so right Jo. People everywhere are the first to complain when they can’t buy something locally yet, some won’t support local businesses and will go for the cheapest short term option on line.
    Local businesses are what gives your kids jobs, supports the school, the kindy, community events like the Orange Festival etc etc. You won;t find your internet business supporting your toen so don’t support them if there is the option of buying locally!
    Survival of small business, community events and the town depends on it.

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