It’s not really the bush…

Time to blog about the bush – but it’s not really the bush.  Gayndah is a great little place, slightly West of anything big and I’ve lived there for my entire life.

We enjoy all things rural with a mix of urban just for good measure.  Our lifestyle is hard to match and impossible to find in any crazy, busy city anywhere.  Driving to work is a five minute trip – and that’s from anywhere in town or even just out (where I live).  Caitlin (who works with me) lives on a property 25kms out of town and does the trek every day – with no traffic to battle and just a few ‘roos and emus on the way to add to the view.

We have no traffic lights – not even pedestrian crossing lights.  Train crossings have no luxurious lights or boom gates – just a simple check left and right to make sure you are clear (but then we haven’t seen a train in quite a few years, so there’s not much risk of anything coming along the track).

Commuting is a breeze – home from work in just minutes!  No traffic hold ups!  The only hold up is the ‘catch up time’ spent at the grocery shop on your way. Finish work at five – pick up the makings for dinner – home well and truly before dark.  I just love that time, when I have arrived home from work, changed into ‘old clothes’ and it’s still daylight….my time!  Time to wander around the garden, check out the latest pretty Gerbera just emerged, smell the pretty aromatic flowers in bloom at this time of year – just a beautiful amazing time of day and I have time to enjoy it – soak it up.

Grocery shopping is a social event in Gayndah.  Every aisle presents someone familiar – and a story to be told about their day.  You always come out of the grocery store enlightened on the latest happenings in town:- birthday parties, new pregnancies, coming events, separations, a new joke…..

Our “commercial” area consists of one block of shops which cover the retail needs of anything you require. So we don’t have an Ikea – we have our own Furniture Store, Hardware Store, Variety Stores and we know the people who work there and they know us.  We are so lucky!  To walk down the street and know everyone you meet is so special.  I often wonder how it would be to live in the city and sometimes not see a familiar face all day.

I have to say I love living in our little country town – we get the best out of our lives. We get the chance to “smell the roses” and play with the grandchildren!


Working is easier with my little helpers